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Masters swimming workouts

Swimming workouts for masters swimmers, in a waterproof book

Masters swimming training 

Training in the pool as a masters swimmer can be difficult. It's most common for masters swimmers to swim in a public swimming session without a coach, but of course the immediate problem is, what swimming workout should you follow?

Masters swimmers know the importance of following a swimming workout; every session is maximised. You don't want to get to the side of the pool, then think "What am I actually going to do?"

If you've ever been in that position, you'll understand how you inevitably don't get the most out of your workout.

The best plan is to bring a workout to the pool which you can follow without having to think about it. Hold on a second though - you don't want to take a piece of paper which inevitably get's soggy and ruined in your kitbag! 

Scale Swimming masters edition waterproof book
Scale Swimming masters edition waterproof book

Scale Swimming Waterproof Masters Training Books

Professionally designed masters swimming sets to follow in the pool.

Never waste a session again, 
Fun and challenging swimming workouts from the worlds best coaches

Wrote by Alex Thurston PhD, masters coach of over 10 years!

Each book contains 11 professionally designed masters swimming sets

Triathlon swim workouts, built for how long you have to train in the pool - 30 minutes or 1 hour

Throw in your kitbag, pop on the side of the pool and follow the swimming workout - Simple!

Books are totally waterproof, stand on the side of the pool with an quick kickstand, are clear to see with foggy goggles and so simple, anyone can understand them! 

Scale Swimming masters edition waterproof book on a tiled background

No more wasted swimming sessions,

No more soggy paper in your kitbag,

It's time to SCALE your SWIM!

Scale Swimming masters workout: The Sphynx
30 Minute workout 1: The Sphynx

This swimming workout is a challenging pyramid set (get the reference now?) that will nicely stretch your endurance.

After a thorough warm up, this workout takes you from 50m FC to 300m FC and back down to 50m FC

As you practice this set regularly, move up to the higher levels for a more difficult challenge!

Scale Swimming masters workout: The Bouncer
30 Minute workout 2: The Bouncer

This masters swim set has a massive variety in swimming strokes so you'll never get bored!

Perfect to blow the cobwebs out after you haven't trained with a coach for a while! Plenty of IM swimming, kicking and front crawl

Scale Swimming masters workout: The Down & Not Out
Scale Swimming masters workout: The Mega Mix
1 Hour workout 1: The Mega Mix

Massive variety and masses of aerobic swimming, what's not to love!


This session takes you through a thorough warm up of swim, drill and kick, then into a main set incorporating all swimming strokes!

Repeat the main set 3 times, to complete this mega workout.

1 Hour workout 2: The Down & Not Out

This swimming workout is top heavy - starting off with a 400m swim, then 4 x 100m swims. This sequence is repeated the whole through the workout.

As you progress through this workout, you'll see the end approaching quicker and quicker until you've swam the whole workout without realising!

Alex Thurston PhD teaching masters workout


Authors include Alex Thurston PhD and Rich Emmett (level 2 Triathlon coach).

Scale Swimming workout standing on poolside


Easy to see, Easy to read.

Scale Swimming book submerged


Perfect to slip into your kitbag.

Scale swimming main set extract


Aerobic and technique based sets

Scale Swimming book floating


Straightforward swimming sets.

Swimmer enjoying scale swimming workout


No more boring '1000m' sessions!

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