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Swimming Workout Quiz

Is your swimming training effective?

Take our quick quiz and get your score!


Section 1 - About You!

To train effectively, it's important your training is tailored to your level of fitness and strength in the pool.

What Triathlon event are you training for?


How fast can you complete a 50m sprint? (mins:secs)

What is your average 100m pace over a long distance? (your critical swim speed, mins:secs)

Section 2 - Your current swimming plan

Do you swim more than once per week?

Do you spend 30 minutes or more in the pool in each training session?

Do you follow a set workout in the pool?

Do you plan your workouts in advance?

Section 3 - Your current swimming workouts

Do you isolate body parts in training? (Only arms, or only kick)

Do you incorporate swimming drills in your workouts?

Do you swim distances over 200m without stopping?

Do you incorporate sprints (any aerobic exercise) in your training?

Do you swim strokes other than front crawl?

Section 4 - Swimming performance

Do you enjoy swimming training?

Do you know if you're making improvements in the pool?


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