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Scale Swimming is a company dedicated to helping all individuals optimise and enjoy their swimming experience.We work with the best coaches and athletes from across the world to produce training products that have a huge impact on as many people as possible.The first product from Scale Swimming is a waterproof training book which is placed at the edge of a swimming pool and displays a professionally designed swimming set. Swimming sets are designed specifically for competencies such as triathlons or competitive swimming, for different skill levels and swimming set durations.Simply find the right swimming book for your goals and Swimming is a fantastic way to build cardiovascular fitness and overall health and to make the most out of your swim, it needs to be focused!Bring your Scale Swim Book to the pool, find a set you enjoy and find your swim improve!

Jonathan Whittaker

Founder and CEO

There is something about swimming that is so stress relieving, I can't keep myself away from the pool for long. I have swam since I was 7 in a number of clubs and for university.

I found a real lack of masters swimming clubs available and training on my own became unfocused. I was wasting time in the pool and getting bored.

Until I prepared my set and brought it to the pool. I realised I needed to share this with every other swimmer in the world, so I started Scale Swimming and created our waterproof training books.

Do what you love. Work on your passion.

I'm lucky enough to work on mine.


Alex Thurston

Technical Director

Swimming has been part of my life - for all of my life (!) - whether it be in the pool or on poolside. I have coached Nottingham Leander masters for over 10 years and coached the University of Nottingham swimming squad to national success (best result was 4th place at the 2007 British Universities National Short Course Championships, behind 3 National Performance Centres). For the 10 years I coached the Uni of Nottingham swim team (where I met Jonathan!), we won every single Varsity competition!

I completed my PhD at Loughborough University (ranked no.1 for sport-related subjects in the world for the third consecutive year in 2019) and I'm currently a sport management Teaching Fellow at the university. ​I enjoy swimming open water as well as in the pool. In 2016, I became double European masters champion in the pool, then, later that year, completed a two-way Channel relay swim. I also currently hold British, European and World masters swimming records.


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10% of all profits are donated to the CF trust

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