How to train for your Triathlon Swim

Your guide to preparing your first or your best triathlon!

How do you even train for your triathlon swim anyway?

The key to triathlon swimming training

Where can I get swimming training sets that will help me progress in the pool?


Scale Swimming Waterproof Triathlon Training Books

Professionally designed triathlon swimming sets to help you improve your technique, endurance and power in the water!With sets from Sophie Coldwell, Jodie Stimpson, Rich Emmett and Alex Thurston.

Scale Swimming

Waterproof Triathlon Training Books

Rich Emmett

2019 Triathlon Coach of the Year

Former international triathlete

Level 2 Triathlon Coach

Sophie Coldwell

2020 Olympic Champion (Mixed Relay)

2021 Arena Games Champion

2022 Commonwealth Champion (Individual)

Jodie Stimpson

2014 Commonwealth Champion (Individual)

Challenge Miami Triathlon Winner